Apr 04, 2018 12:11 Age: 167 days

Eleven Saskatchewan Routines Qualify for National Events after National Qualifiers in Calgary, Alberta

Over 570 Canadian athletes, coaches and officials were in Calgary March 20-25 to take part in this year’s Canadian Artistic Swimming (formerly synchronized swimming) Qualifier. Held at the Repsol Sport Centre, the 6-day competition featured a total of 18 different events in the 13-15, junior and senior age groups. The 445 athletes represented 41 clubs from 10 Canadian provinces and territories at the competition hosted by the Calgary Aquabelles, Synchro Alberta and Synchro Canada.


Synchro Saskatchewan is pleased to announce that eleven routines qualified for their respective National Events. A total of eight athletes from the province of Saskatchewan took take part in the competition in Junior and 13-15 age groups. Elise Marcotte, Synchro Saskatchewan’s High-Performance Consultant and two-time Olympian was thrilled with the athlete’s performances and progression, stating “These young women are turning into superb athletes. These performances are results of our planning leading up to the 2019 Canada Games. As a result of our building over the past three years, the athletes are demonstrating significant improvement in multiple areas such strength, power, stress management and synchronization.”


Towards the 2018 Canadian Championships

As the name suggests, the Canadian Qualifier is the opportunity for competitors to qualify for the final competitions of the year, the Canadian Championships. Saskatchewan High Performance Athletes Sydney Carroll and Jenna Willie from the Saskatoon Aqualenes and Cady Chernoff and Ainsley Bristol from Regina Synchro all earned tickets to the Open National Championships, which will be held April 24-28 in Windsor, ON.


In Junior Free Solo Sydney Carroll placed 7th and Jenna Willie placed 9th out of 22 routines.  In Junior Tech Solo Jenna Willie placed 15th and Sydney Carroll 17th out of 31routines. In Junior Tech Duet Sydney Carroll and Jenna Willie placed 11th out of 32 routines. In Junior Free Duet Sydney Carrol and Jenna Willie placed 10th and Cadence Chernoff and Ainsley Bristol placed 13th out of 26 duets.


Saskatchewan High Performance Athletes Cadence Chernoff from Regina Synchro and Bailey Hargreaves and Anna Dolgova from Saskatoon Aqualenes in the 13-15 age group all earned tickets to the Canadian Espoir Championships in Surrey, BC, on May 29 – June 3.


In the 13-15 Solo Event Anna Dolgova placed 12th, Bailey Hargreaves 15th, and Cadence Chernoff 16th out of 38 routines. In the 13-15 Duet Event Anna Dolgova and Bailey Hargreaves placed 8th out of 35 routines.


Links to live webcast (which can still be viewed), and results can be found at www.synchro.ca/qualifier2018.


On behalf of Synchro Saskatchewan, we would like to congratulate our High Performance National Stream Athletes and their coaches Tina Chernoff, Brittany Leaper, Elise Marcotte, and Laurie Wachs and wish them the best of luck in their preparation for upcoming National Events.