Nov 20, 2017 10:48 Age: 302 days

2017-2018 SS Grants for Coaches, Officials and Clubs

Synchro Sask is pleased to announce the Synchro Sask Grants for 2017-2018. Many involve additional funding! A summary of changes is in the Grants Summary Update 2017-2018 document. Complete details are available on the SS Grant Application page.

Club Technical Skills Development Grant – increased funding to allow clubs more opportunities to develop technical skills of their competitive athletes.

Competition Introduction Certification Grant – new grant specifically for coaches taking the Comp Intro course. Coaches automatically receive funding after successful evaluation. 

High Performance Club Grant – new approach and additional funding to clubs with National Stream programming in support of our High Performance Program Initiatives (HPPI) and National Stream athletes. 

Contact Carol Chernishenko, VP Sport Development, or Taya, SS Technical Director, if you have any questions about these grants.