Volunteer Opportunities

There are many areas to get involved in with Synchronized Swimming. If you are a water lover or wanting to learn to coach or judge our sport is for you. If you are looking to volunteer your time on a working committee, the Grassroots, Technical/Coaching, or Website committee may be for you. Finally, we also may have Synchro Saskatchewan Board positions available as well. For more information on these opportunities, please call or email us!


Judging Synchronized Swimming Figures

Synchronized swimmers compete individually in figures. A figure is a ‘continuous combination of basic body positions and transitions' - FINA Synchronized Swimming Manual 2009-2013. As each swimmer completes a figure in front of the judges’ panel, the judges evaluate design and control elements. Click here for more information.


Judging Synchronized Swimming Routines

Routines are evaluated on Execution, Artistic Impression and Difficulty. Execution and Difficulty are each worth 30% of the final mark.  Artistic Impression is worth 40%. Click here for more information.