VP Sport Development

Mandate: To offer high qualify recreation and competitive programming

Oversee the following committees

    • Coaching Committee
    • Competitions Committee

      • Awards Coordinator
      • Scoring Coordinator

    • Grassroots Committee

      • Athletes With a Disability
      • Adult/Masters/University

    • High Performance Committee
    • Officials Committee
    • Technical Committee


 Assist the listed committees achieve their mandates and goals. 

    • Attend or be informed of all meetings of the committees. 
    • Bring forward comments, concerns, issues and recommendations from the committees to the Synchro Saskatchewan Board of Directors.
    • Prepare a report for Board meetings on the committees.
    • Prepare a written report for the Annual General Meeting summarizing the activities of the committees.
    • Chair the Western Divisionals Selection Committee Meeting.

Be an active and informed member of the Synchro Saskatchewan Board of Directors and Executive.