The President is the administrative and official head of the Association. The President has many varied responsibilities.


    • Serves as the Chair of the Board of Directors.
    • Is an ex-officio member of all Standing Committees.
    • Calls Executive, Board of Director, Annual General and special meetings of the Association and preside at them except where the Board has designated otherwise.
    • Prepares and ensures notices of meetings and agendas of meetings as required.
    • Ensure the Board is kept informed of all matters pertaining to the Association.
    • Ensure that the policies of the Board are implemented in the management of the Association.
    • Is one of the signing officers of the Association.
    • Signs all contracts and documents on behalf of the Association.
    • Ensure all the motions or decisions made by the Board are carried out.
    • Supervises the operation of the Association office and the Executive Director.
    • Represent the Association as required; i.e. Sask Sport, provincial government, Synchro Canada, other provincial and national bodies.
    • Is responsible for all business pertaining to the Annual General Meeting.
    • Prepares an annual report to the Synchro Canada Annual General Meeting.
    • To prepare an annual report of the Association.
    • The President has such other powers and duties as may from time to time be assigned by the Executive and/or Board, including the power to make decisions in an emergency in the absence of the Executive.
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