The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the President, Vice President Finance/Administration, Vice President Communications, Vice President Sport Development and the immediate Past President of the Association.



    • Conduct the day to day affairs of the association between meetings of the Board of Directors. It should be understood that the Executive Committee may exercise all powers of the Board but at all times are accountable to the Board of Directors for all decisions and actions.
    • Hire Staff as required.
    • Ensure the proper conduct of all staff and volunteers involved in Association business.
    • Determine personnel policies on behalf of the Board.
    • Determine signing officers for the Association.
    • Ensure that the proceedings of all meetings of the Association are accurately recorded and distributed to the appropriate persons no later than 14 days prior to the next meeting.
    • Ensure all Committees are functioning effectively and working towards the priorities, goals and objectives of Synchro Saskatchewan.
    • Report all actions and decisions of the Executive to the Board for approval and ratification in a timely and accurate manner.