Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of a maximum of 14 Directors, the Past President and an Athlete’s Representative. 


The Board elects four Directors to serve as Officers of the Association. The Officers of the Association form the Executive Committee of the Association.


The remaining Directors are Members-at-Large. The Board of Directors provides leadership and strategic direction for the association. The Board is responsible to establish the overall priorities, mandate and vision for the association and ensuring the effective implementation of policies and programs.

President: Tanya Pohl

VP Sport Development: Carol Chernishenko

VP Finance and Administration: Lenore Lindquist

VP Communication: Kelanie Lumbard

Members at Large

Wanda BurbridgeTina ChernoffVanessa GrillandiniWhitney Hurlbut
Maureen KlenkCaitlin Lane-Graham 
Athletes Rep
Shannon Wanner
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